Eating, Singing, Dancing

It didn’t look special from the outside, but a look inside revealed a marvelous restaurant. It was nothing but a restaurant at first, with a great buffet of potato wedges, bread, different mixes of vegetables, a big salad bar, and of course, as a highlight, a delicious prime rip. Free cake and lemonade were also part of the deal.

But the real deal came later. The Beef and Boards is a Dinner Theatre, so after the meal, we got to experience a marvelous musical. The name of the show is “Grease”, and it followed 2 groups of High schoolers in the year of ’59, one just boys and the other just girls, and how they found love and how to be with one another. Although the message was questionable (I’m not going to spoil anything here), the whole thing was a really entertaining experience. The dancing was great and the songs were even greater. Most of them were even played and sung on stage.

The show ended around 3:30 pm, and we then took the bus back home, ending our first American field trip.

Ivo Hansen