… and everybody cried.

I think emotions are very important to show how you feel. In the morning the children were very tired and a bit listless. First we explained some words and they had to repeat them. To waken up the children, we wanted the boys and girls to scream the German name for the emotion as loud as possible and the loudest one got a candy. A bit difficult for them was the part where they had to act with emotion. Here we said the German word, for example “traurig” and the children had to simulate crying. However, often the students didn’t know immediately the translation for it. We also taught them to build sentences where they had to say how they feel. At the end we played a game. I said a German word for an emotion and if it is a negative emotion they had to lie on the ground and if it is a positive emotion they had to jump up and the fastest student received a candy. I have the feeling that candies are a very good motivation for children. So in conclusion I can say that despite the shyness of the children, everybody took part in the lesson and this achieved our goal.

Lara Junker