Sledding without snow!

When we came into the room all the kids were happy to see us again. Today we taught them “family members” and at the end they asked a lot of questions. It feels great to know, they are interested in the German language and culture.

After teaching I had to hold my presentation together with Lisa and Jolina. We talked about our school day in Germany and our afternoon activities. When I presented my hobbies the teacher suddenly interrupted and asked why I had a picture of a bottle of Coca-Cola in my presentation.  Then he was laughing and asked if I just like drinking Cola because he does. But that`s not the reason. He was really confused and became even more confused when I told him that this is a cake I baked. Everyone was laughing because his face was so funny. (In written this might not sound so funny but believe me it was!J) After the presentation I had the most boring lessons on earth, I can tell. We mostly did nothing.

After school was out we drove home and in the evening my host father asked me whether I like sledding. I was so confused because it was warm outside and there was no snow! And I mean, in my mind you need to have snow and it has to be cold if you want to sled. Then my host father came with a small board which was fixed on 4 little wheels and just said:” Go! You can do sledding now!” When I saw this board I was just like you want me to sled with this??? But I tried it and it was so much fun. Mostly I do it with my little host sisters (4 & 6). So, that`s how we spend our afternoon now, we are sledding down the hill in front of their house.