It was the third time that we were leaving the Alexandria Monroe Highschool at 8.30 a.m. to walk over to the Intermediate school for our teaching assignment. 

I woke up quite early, at 6am, even though I live right next to school and it takes me like 2 minutes to walk to school. 

After a small chaos at home in the morning and a drive-through-breakfast at Mc Donalds, we went to a church to make hair and make up for a wedding (my host mum and sister are hair and makeup artists). 

It was the morning of 3/16 when Lilly (the big dog in our family) licked the hell out of me. She was looking at me with that friendly, slobbery face as I would be happy to get out of the bed. 

Since birth everybody tries to show you how life is working and tells you that you should do something with it and be someone.

Kind of dramatic, isn’t it?